Ballad Group

We’re Ready, Together.

Written by Allison Smith

It has been strange launching a new website and blog during this uncertain and unprecedented time; especially knowing that the work we do as a business might look very different in a few months or years’ time. That the needs of our clients or the services we provide could be different altogether. Though, that’s the business we’re in as training partners and consultants – listening, adapting and transforming. 

A few years ago, we looked different too. A smaller team primarily providing essential skills and training programs, operating from the Midtown Mall in Whitecourt and home offices in Edmonton. Our team collaborated remotely. We travelled to our clients, listened to their unique stories and worked with them to utilize their strengths to solve their challenges. By doing this time and time again, we built trust and relationships. And we’re still doing this today.

Now our team is bigger with offices located across the province, and our relationships are a lot stronger. 

We bring together a group of entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers, innovators and strategists to serve clients across Western Canada. Still grounded in the art of listening, for the past 8 years we’ve worked alongside First Nation communities, Metis Settlements, Provincial and Federal governments, under and unemployed Albertans, and aspiring entrepreneurs. We’ve worked with them through uncertain times. We’ve worked with them through complexity, and adversity. And we’ve learned how to empower our clients to build capacity, achieve their vision and solve their challenges. 

As we press publish on this website, the world continues to evolve and plan for the future of our economic, social and environmental systems. We’re ready to listen. We’re ready to adapt. And we’re ready to transform together.