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Bigger than our business.

Ballad is a purpose-driven business that is driven by its desire to empower resilient people, businesses, and communities across Canada. Marking its ten-year anniversary, and at a pivotal time of growth, Ballad invested in social impact (SI) as a core initiative and business function in 2023.

Since Ballad’s Inception

People completed skills and employment programs
0 %
Programs serve multi-barriered participants.
0 %
Participants that are employed at the 90-day follow-up
Communities supported through consulting services to date
0 %
Of our leadership team identifies as a woman

Impact Commitments

Ballad has identified four impact commitments where we think we can make real change. Ballad’s impact strategy outlines the key activities and indicators used to ensure we deliver on our ambitious impact commitments, and to ensure transparency, consistency, and accountability. Our four impact commitments are:  

Begin with Ballad

Optimize the positive impact and reduce the negative impact created through our day-to-day business and operating decisions.

Resilient and Employable Workforce

Long-term reattachment to the workforce and increased capacity to be resilient to economic vulnerability.

Empowered and Prosperous Communities

Thriving and prosperous businesses and communities that are empowered to pursue their long-term vision.

Scaling Impact and Transforming the Ecosystem

Concerted knowledge mobilization and relationship building for industry advancement.

I liked that there was a session with everyone, bringing their ideas and concerns together, it was needed for a long time.

Nation Member, Kapawe’no First Nation

Employment Partners

One of our primary indicators of program success is participant job placements. Thanks to the support and generosity of our employment partners we can support participants find job opportunities in their desired career pathways.

Community Investment

Each year we invest in the communities where we operate through volunteer time, donations, sponsorship, and employee-matched giving. Some of the organizations.


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