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Driving Back to Work Grant Program

NOTICE: The Driving Back to Work grant program application intake will remain closed for the 2024-25 fiscal year as we focus on clearing the current queue of applicants who have applied for the program. If you applied before November 15, 2023, your application will be reviewed to determine eligibility.

The grant administrator, Ballad, is actively processing existing applications and will reach out to each applicant regarding their application status or any subsequent steps required. Additionally, Ballad is responsible for developing and managing a waitlist for eligible applicants, ensuring they are placed with a driver training school as soon as possible.

Should there be any changes to your circumstances that affect the information provided during your application process, including changes related to your interview, medical report, or training locations, it is your responsibility to inform Ballad immediately. Upon placement, Ballad will contact you again to confirm your eligibility.

Transportation and Economic Corridors expresses deep gratitude for the overwhelming interest and remains committed to supporting Albertans in this endeavor. We are pleased to have already supported many Albertans in obtaining their Class 1 licence.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we strive to accommodate all interested and eligible Albertans in the Driving Back to Work grant program.

Applicants for the Driving Back to Work grant program must meet ALL the following eligibility criteria:

  • Meet all requirements to get a Class 1 driver’s license, excluding training and testing requirements the grant will support, namely:
    • Hold an Alberta non-probationary driver’s license. This means to be at least 18 years of age, have exited from the Graduated Driver Licensing Program, can apply for a commercial driver’s license, have passed a vision screening, and be a resident of Alberta.
    • Have a satisfactory Alberta driver’s medical examination report.
  • Be unemployed or under-employed (receiving Employment Insurance or working 29 hours or fewer per week on average) and able to financially support oneself for the duration of training.
  • Meet Canadian citizenship requirements (Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or convention refugee) and are legally entitled to work and train in Canada. Refugees under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act must have:
    • convention refugee status
    • a notice of decision issued
    • a valid work permit
    • applied for and received a study permit
  • Have a clean 3-year driver’s abstract with no demerits, license cancellations, or suspensions.
  • Be ready, willing, and able to participate in training (assessed in an interview).
  • Planning to seek full-time employment in the commercial transportation industry (assessed in an interview).
  • Have sufficient English language skills to succeed in driver training and testing as commercial licensing is only available in English (assessed in an interview).


Grant funding for the Driving Back to Work program is provided by both the Provincial Government of Alberta as well as the Federal Government of Canada.

The Driving Back to Work program (DBTW) supports unemployed and underemployed Albertans in obtaining a Class 1 drivers license by providing funding to cover more than 90% of the costs associated with Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) and testing. This will assist the Province and residents of Alberta by making sure there are sufficient Class 1 drivers available to maintain Alberta supply chains and support the economy.

Driving Back to Work is a 8 week, full time program. This program will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to obtain a Class 1 drivers license and enter into, and succeed, within the commercial truck driving industry!

For more information regarding the Driving Back to Work program please refer to the Driving Back to Work webpage

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